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Sod Rare Earth Systems construction provides installation for almost all sod products. We install Marathon Sod products to include Marathon 1, Marathon 2, Marathon 3 and Marathon Lite, St Augustine, Fescue, El Toro and mostly all sod products depending on availability of actual sod products. Marathon is one of the most common sod products here in California due to its deeper rooting, its use of less water and high heat tolerance. Your sod selection should be based off of your individual needs, preference, and the amount of maintenance as well as cost. The benefits of sod are its immediate installation and it can be used in two to three weeks, seeding is an option if you have a limited budget but it has a longer turn around time. Your contractor will be more than glad to discuss your options depending on what would compliment your outdoor living area. Contact a sales representative at Rare Earth Systems today to schedule your appointment.